Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cosby Show

From Talena Nahapetian: "This clip from The Cosby Show expresses the multiple identities Vanessa, the dancing daughter, is expected to portray and the clash with her parents when they are presented with a side of Vanessa they did not expect to see. Her traditional and conservative family are surprised and upset when Vanesaa breaks the confinements of the identity she was raised in. As parents, they quickly redefine what is acceptable and what is not. What's interesting is how the mother begins to rant about Vanessa becoming some hollywood hotshot and fitting into a media driven stereotype. I wonder, how much of what Vanessa is trying to do in this scene reflects her real identity or if her parents are open to letting her develop into her own person? Maybe she is just going about doing it in the wrong way with the tissues and skimpy outfit. Overall, this clip shows a clash of identities and values."

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