Monday, February 27, 2012

nigahiga - Never SAY never ReMiX

from Heyan Chen:
This video is about a famous YouTube star- Niga-Higa. He is creating a
funny video using the song "never say never". If YouTube are restricting
copyright issues, then his video will never going to be view by tens of
thousands of people. Instead he use that song to entertain people by
change the lyrics. This way he also helped the artist to promote the song
"never say never" Niga-Higa also benefit from that song because he uses it
to entertain his audiences and fans. And everyone watches the video also
benefit, we all laughed. I think this is relate to "how YouTube thinks
about copyright". A win-win situation.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

genre: spice and wolf

from Jian Ma:
There was a time when I wanted to buy this book after I heard it was going to be translated into English...until I saw the cover art. Understanding
genre is valuable not just for writing but for business as well. Yen Press made a move to try and appeal to a larger audience by Americanizing the images in order to attract a more diverse population. Of course I do not know the results as I have no data on the sales, but I can say that the community who was interested in Spice and Wolf in America did not favor the Americanized cover art. I can also say that subsequent releases retained the original cover art instead of the Americanized versions.

Some contextual notes:javascript:void(0)
1. The category in Japan for these types of book are called “Light Novels,” not very heard of in America.

2. They put “Light novels” into the “Manga” section in book stores despite being about 215/240 pages of text, 13/240 pages of credits, table of contents, etc, and 12/240 pages of artwork/illustrations. As a result, “Manga” and “Light Novels” get treated the same based on initial assumptions despite being completely different in style.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Cover letters

Sinuo Zheng writes: This video summarizes the main points discussed in the assigned readings
about cover letter: 1)address to the right person 2)make the cover letter concise 3)never reuse the cover letter. It is very straight forward, clear and informative.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Two flags

Min Yoon writes: This image shows the combination of Korean flag and the US flag. For the
second generation Korean Americans, this flag is more meaningful because
they were born in the United States, but raised by Korean parents who have
Korean culture and Korean language.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012


This video comes from Nojan Farhoumand

This video exemplifies code switching in Star Wars. The conversation starts

out in a different language then when a more touchy topic is considered

within the conversation the giant bird switches to english to personalize

the conversation as well as change topic.

Monday, February 13, 2012

Rap battles - best of Jin

from Heyan Chen: This video is about this Chinese American name Jin, he is freestyling against the black rappers on BET, and he beat them all, he is like the Asian Eminem, he makes me proud. I think this relates to the article "Thank You, Jeremy Lin ", because it talked about Bruce Lee, Yao Ming and only a few Asian American that makes him proud, and finally wait til Jeremy Lin came out. Now I added another Asian American to his list--Jin.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Cosby Show

From Talena Nahapetian: "This clip from The Cosby Show expresses the multiple identities Vanessa, the dancing daughter, is expected to portray and the clash with her parents when they are presented with a side of Vanessa they did not expect to see. Her traditional and conservative family are surprised and upset when Vanesaa breaks the confinements of the identity she was raised in. As parents, they quickly redefine what is acceptable and what is not. What's interesting is how the mother begins to rant about Vanessa becoming some hollywood hotshot and fitting into a media driven stereotype. I wonder, how much of what Vanessa is trying to do in this scene reflects her real identity or if her parents are open to letting her develop into her own person? Maybe she is just going about doing it in the wrong way with the tissues and skimpy outfit. Overall, this clip shows a clash of identities and values."