Tuesday, January 31, 2012

iPad & Authenticity


Sinuo Zheng writes: The following link is a video clip (about 18 mins long) about a Chinese
college senior self-making "iPad" within 10 days. The total cost of this
thing is about 150 dollars. The tablet itself is absolutely an unauthentic
apple product with its windows system and cheap apple stickers on. But how
should we define an authentic apple product? Since all the apple products
are designed by apple but assembled elsewhere, can we call the
self-assembled "iPad" in the video an authentic apple product?

Authenticity in Art

From Amy Tigri. She writes:

I came across this image and I feel like it ties in well with this week's
topic. It raises the question about how effective attempts at recapturing
or recreating authenticity are. If we are striving for authenticity, does
that undermine what it means to be authentic?

Monday, January 30, 2012

Animaniacs - Belly Button Blues

From Ayaka. She writes:

I thought that the video shows how parents and kids have different ideas
of clothing for schools. The girl in the video wants to wear something
that is "cool" now, but her mother does not want her to wear it because
she thinks that it is not the right cloth for school. From my experience,
I had a similar situation with my mother about how I dress for the school.
I care about how my friends see my fashion and think about it more than
how I should dress depending on situations. In the last lecture, we
discussed about the parenting, and how it affects for the morality today.
I thought that this video is related to the topic what we talked.

Pinoy Dirty Ice Cream Sandwich by Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

From Emilyn... She writes:

I found this video about an "authentic" Filipino food:
In this case, the food is considered authentic because it is only found in
Philippines. It was also interesting to see how the dish incorporated
parts from
other countries and made it a part of the Philippine cuisine.

own your beauty: authenticity, with brené brown

Oscar Nieto:

I think this video has a lot to due with what we are gonna talk in class this week. It defines authenticity from a broad point of view. In the video they talk about how authenticity is a practice or a package of
choices you make everyday and no one is authentic but instead everybody chooses this authenticity everyday depending on the situation that you're living in. Take a look at it. I really think it's a good description of authenticity from a broad point of view. This will help the class to think about authenticity from a different point of view.

Great Depression Cooking - Great Depression Cooking - Tomato Sauce

Heyan Chen:
This video is about a grandma who teach us how to cook tomota sauce. I think this is an authentic receipe. She is teaching us how to do it. this relate to next weeks topic, which in the reading i think the author is refering to his grandmother's cooking and how everyone misses her cooking.
Please take a look at it. Thank you.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Obama in Japan

Damin Yoon writes: In countries from Eastern Asia, the person of lower status bows to the
person of higher status. Anything that make you feel respectful for someone.... yes. It includes
political rank as well as age. Usually, a younger person bows to an older
person to show respect and manners.  This picture shows that President
Obama is bowing to the Japanese Emperor who is older than President

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Follow Gaya-Chinese 101: Table manner

Xiao Pang: this is a kid song which teaches the kids how to wash their hand and other manners in china. i think it is a easier way for the kids to learn about it rather than just tell them, but for us the song sounds funny.
Dax Fang:
It is nice for females to have their make up on, but try not to do so in public, since people usually like to see the result of the make up, not the process.


Avalon Roberts:
This is a short video clip from the movie "My Big Fat Greek Wedding." Thebride-to-be has invited her fiance and his parents over for dinner to meettheir in-laws. The "in-laws" turns out to be the brides entire family!This clip is a great example of two clashing family traditions and theawkwardness of brining them together. It is also great for the etiquette topic, because each family has such different etiquette, they don't knowhow to behave around one another.

The Tiger Chinese New Year Shuffle

Josh Chan:
Tiger (Lion) Dance is a common tradition that happens on Lunar New Yearsheld to very specific rituals that can be traced back hundreds of years. Inthis video, it is an intersection of past and present and in some ways canbe seen as breaking the common "rules" that are supposed to govern theTiger dance tradition

Terry Tate Office Linebacker - Sensitivity Training

Submitted by Samuel Ebright.
In this video, Terry Tate is put in a surrounding where he, as a linebacker is a bit out of place. However, his actions end up benefiting the community around him (sales growth, productivity, etc). When the company brings in the sensitivity trainer, tension is amplified between Terry's hard hitting method of upping productivity and the trainer's focus emotional protection.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Nice Guys Finish Last

Submitted by Sol Namkung

This is a music video about two guys who take a course about "How to Hit on Girls." In the course, they learn that being a nice guy does not always work when trying to get a girlfriend. The course teaches them how not to be a nice guy (It's a parody of Green Day - Nice Guys Finish Last).

High Five Etiquette

Submitted by: Kevin Lau-Fang.

"High Five Etiquette" is a video related to this week's topics. It discusses the do's and don'ts of proper high-five execution. Being able to properly do a high-five is satisfying for both parties involved and reduces the awkwardness of not being execution.

Pat Mullins | Episode 1 | We Can Be Heroes

This clip is from Natasha Goff. She writes:

This clip is a little long, but we don't need to watch the whole thing. This clip is about an invented tradition or an invented sport. This parody shows the silliness of the of the invented traditions we have in society.


This past weekend my family and I celebrated Chinese/Lunar New Year, which
actually started today, January 23rd. To ring in the new year, my family
and I would pray to our ancestors and visit relatives to wish them good
luck and prosperity. In turn, we would receive red envelopes with money
inside as a sign of good luck. This year it is the year of the Dragon.



Post from Nojan Farhoumand: This picture is related to the reading for this week which was about possible racism when 2 African Americans were asked to give up their seats at the bar for white women. This picture of a receipt reveals how common it can be to be disrespectful and racist.

Thursday, January 19, 2012


Randy A Ramirez writes: I think this video speaks to the Sherry Turkle podcast by showing how
multitasking slows us down. It also further emphasizes that technology can
actually be a hindrance to getting things accomplished, albeit through the
use of silly comedy.

This video relates to communities in tension with each other. It shows how
communities can both change, yet still be in tension with each other,
albeit through, again, exaggeration.

Both clips were taken from the IFC show, Portlandia.

West Coast Report: The Intervention

Nick La Fontaine:
i think this video illustrates the tensions between your family and friends back home and your friends that you make at college. The video shows that the main character, Jimmy, has a completely different personality at college than he does at home. I figured this would be a good example of communities in tension because i personally know people who have to deal with this.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Family Guy (Episode: Amish Guy) illustrates how traditions can conflict with contemporary traditions when the Griffins' car breaks down in Amish country.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Queen's Christmas Broadcast

From Diana Bakchajian: The first televised Christmas broadcast in Britain filmed at the
Sandringham House in Norfolk. This became a tradition each year during
Christmas. The television allowed people to witness the Queen's home
decorated in Christmas decorations.  "Each Broadcast carefully reflects
current issues and concerns, and shares The Queen's reflections on what
Christmas means to her and to many of her listeners."

Navigation through Mean Girls

From Dustin Bayers: This is a scene from the movie Mean Girls where on the girls first day of school she is explained the different groups in the cafeteria.
I thought this related to our assignment on communities, and how we are in groups based on interests, ethnicity, race, popularity, etc. It also shows how we can belong to different communities but still belong to one large community. This is displayed in part where they show the "Asian Nerds" and "Asian Cool Kids"; both are Asian and belong to different communities. Looking at the bigger picture, all these groups belong to the High School community.

Julia Sweeney on Mormons

From Tyler Oyakawa: "Julia Sweeny is a woman who has moved from various religions in search of God and spirituality. She spoke - recently I believe- at a TED conference. This video is an excerpt of her experience meeting some Morman kids.
Talk about a clash of communities! But in the end she flips the perspective on one of the more common beliefs.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Rabbi Levin's Interview With WPIX Channel 11 NYC

This post comes from Nojan F. -

This video is related to the reading "Among Conservative Rabbis, a Wide

Disagreement Over Same-Sex Marriage". In this video, a Jewish magazine

publishes information of a same-sex marriage and although to more

modern/liberal jews it may be found to be acceptable, to the conservative

jew it is not. Due to the complaints from conservative/conscious jews, it

was the last time news of a same-sex marriage was published.

Korean New Year's Day

From Young N. Seo:
"New years day is one of the Recommitment Holidays for Korean people.  On a
new years day, all the families gather up and bow down to the elder people
to show the respect.  In return, elder people gives useful advice with
some amount of money."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Origin of Job Interviews - The Armstrong and Miller Show - Series 2 ...

This was sent through by Emilyn. She writes:

This video relates to rituals, as in the ritual of a job interview. The
video also gets one thinking about how rituals are invented and become the
accepted standard.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I Told My Kids I Ate All Their Halloween Candy

"I would consider Halloween as one of the Tension Management Holiday's described in Etzioni's article.
Traditionally Halloween is a day when children get to dress up as their favorite character and go door to door collecting free
candy.This only happens once a year so therefore it tends to be a pretty big deal! (I know that it was for me, especially because I
rarely was allowed any candy at any other time). Here, the talk show host Jimmy Kimmel requested parents to tell their
children the morning after Halloween that they had eaten all of the kids' Halloween candy.... and for them to video tape their
reactions...." Student Magdalena Usher